Wanderland Printables

In her spare time Katie creates a variety of nature-focused educational unit studies, worksheets, and immersive US state travel guides. Click the links below to view her Etsy shop by category.

Wanderland Travel Guide: Immersive US Travel Curriculum

These heavily researched immersive guide books are packed full of information about each state and are broken down by core school subjects to help educational guides and their learners meet any necessary educational goals. Each guide book contains a quick overview of state history, prominent cultures and ethnicities, state facts and symbols, animals and natural features found in the state, books written by authors from the state broken down by age group, a poem about the state, artists from each state, and much more. To top it off, each subject area has a list of suggested learning activities that are easily adaptable to all ages. These are designed to be used by families traveling in the state for any length of time, whether a weekend or a month.

Unit Studies

These nature focused unit studies cover a variety of subjects and are designed to be flexible enough for a variety of ages to benefit. They are a great addition to any homeschool, nature school, or classroom.

Worksheets and Flashcards

These nature focused worksheets and flashcards are great additions to any homeschool, nature school, or classroom. They pair vintage images with lessons for young learners.


Some well loved worksheets, scavenger hunts, flash cards, and more just for you to download for free.