Everything is Better in Austin and San Antonio

This is a terrible word play on the whole “everything is bigger in Texas” motto. It also sums up my personal opinion about the state of Texas. Of the places I’ve been in Texas, these two are way better than the rest.

Oh, and I should note (according to Doug), that when we were in this part of Texas, it was January and the weather was completely normal. No snow and ice. Just to prevent any confusion.


In Austin we stayed right smack dab in the city. This isn’t our norm. We usually stay outside the city, closer to nature. Regardless, Austin was wonderful. We were next door to a cidery which had delicious pizza and a couple blocks from a permanent food truck plaza. We ate out more than usual.

The RV Park

Pecan Grove RV park was mostly good. But upon arriving and trying to get into our spot, I literally almost drove away. It is a small park and had some tight spots. The male employee working felt we needed guidance into our super tiny site. This may be due to the fact that our neighbor’s cars were parked in our spot or the fact that with the office building, garbage cans, and one lane road, we almost could not get into the spot. I didn’t actually back it in. While following this employee’s directions, I kept getting to a point where I couldn’t do it. So finally he asked if he could back it in for me. Because it was getting dark and I was starving (this was an hour after we arrived), I agreed. He backs up better than he gives directions. He got us into the spot.

I would recommend this RV park due to location, clean laundry facilities, and friendly staff, but just be warned. The men working aren’t too sure a female can back up a 25ft trailer without micromanaging.

Commons Ford Waterfall Trail – Hike #1

This was a delightful family hike. It was well maintained and the little legs handled it well. The waterfall was neat and since this an area with multiple trails, there is more than one way to get to it. We also found a cache, which is always a plus. I would absolutely come back and explore this whole area.

San Gabriel River and Fossils – Hike #2

This was my absolute favorite hike. The hike itself isn’t anything spectacular and it is super easy. BUT, after just under a mile there are amazing dinosaur footprint fossils. I saw pictures beforehand and I was still blown away. We surprised the kiddos and they both thought it was so cool. Our 6-year-old needed convincing that they were real.

This is also special because for 2021 our family created an adventure goal for each month. January’s goal was to find fossils. We did it and it was spectacular!

McKinney Falls State Park – Hike #3

This was the state park I had hoped to park our home in all week. I really wish we’d been able to, because it was a neat place. But, I am glad I was able to explore it a tiny bit with the kids. We hiked to both waterfalls and had a good time. Though, both kids were a bit disappointed with the waterfalls, finding turtles totally made up for it.

Inner Space Caverns

On rainy days we used to explore local museums, especially children’s museums. Since that isn’t viable anymore, I was delighted to find a cavern that was open, and that doesn’t flood when it rains! We saw two tiny hibernating bats and enjoyed the many cave features. We also purchased some cave sand because they fill them with gems and fossils. The 6-year-old is very into rocks right now. So this was an exceptional purchase.

Vehicle Maintenance

We also needed to get our oil changed and our tires rotated. Luckily there was a Goodwill and a natural food store next door. We not only grabbed some delicious strawberries, but we found a neat board game to help up pass the time.

San Antonio

First of all, we stayed pretty far outside of San Antonio. We stayed at a Thousand Trails RV park, which means it was a free week for us, but also that we were an hour from the city. It was actually really far from all the things, so we mostly explored the RV park, since most trails were 45-60 minutes away and a larger town was 35 minutes away.

Lake Medina RV Park

There were deer everywhere! We were greeted by a herd of deer crossing the campground road and they literally stayed in the campground all week. It was so amazing to be so close to these beautiful creatures.

Downtown San Antonio

We ventured into downtown San Antonio for lunch one afternoon. It was so much fun! I am not sure if it was fun because we haven’t really been enjoying cities and public places because of Covid-19, or if it was fun because it was just plain wonderful. It doesn’t really matter. We had a good time.

First we arrived and explored the River Walk. It was quite beautiful, but somehow more commercialized that I expected. Oh well.

Then we planned to walk just under a mile to a brewery (Back Unturned Brewing) for lunch, but quickly changed our minds when we spotted some city scooters! These things are a blast and our two little humans had so much fun!

After lunch, we hopped back on our scooters and made our way to the Alamo. This was a neat place and I am glad I was able to meander through it. The kids probably loved the Koi fish more than anything else there. Go figure.

Oh and then we grabbed some ice cream. Well, the family did. I’ve decided to severely limit my refined sugar intake. I am going strong and it has been 6ish weeks!

The Campground Trail – Hike 1

We explored the campground trail a few times. It was actually a really neat little trail and I am really glad it existed.

O.P. Schnabel Park – Hike 2

We decided to venture to the closest trail system to see what we could find. The park is really neat and I would totally go back. There is a creek bed, which had flash flood warnings everywhere, so maybe not a place to visit when it is rainy, but it was really cool to meander the various trails. There is a paved path, but we did not use it. We saw several deer, a couple stick shelters, and a playground. It was a good day.

And that is all, folks! I am feeling so very good about ALMOST being totally caught up on our travel blog! I can start weaving in some additional content. So if there is anything else you are wanting to know about our travel life or roadschooling, make sure to let me know! Drop a comment below or message me on Instagram!

Just you wait, coming soon is our adventures in two National Parks – Guadalupe Mountains and Carlsbad Caverns!!

On the road: 18 months
Miles towing our home: 15,938
Campgrounds visited: 90
Breweries visited: 39
National Parks visited: 18/62
National Monuments/Seashores/Historic Sites/etc.: 8
State Parks visited: 27

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