Rainy Conroe

After leaving Louisiana, we stopped for a week in Conroe, Texas. The drive was kind of pretty, despite the fact that it rained on us…a lot.

We had no idea what to expect in this area, but the rain kept us from exploring too much. I will say this, the Conroe area has plenty of outdoor recreation to choose from.

Lake Conroe

Our home for the week was a Thousand Trails campground near Lake Conroe. It was in a convenient location to plenty of outdoor fun. I do not think we ever made our way to the lake though. Which is weird. But the rain did keep us inside more than usual. We made playdough, which helped keep us occupied while stuck inside.

Huntsville State Park – Hike #1

One of the first places we explored was a nearby state park. I really liked this state park and I wish I had more time to explore the many trails. We explored the Prairie Branch Loop trail, which was about 3 miles. After our hike, we went down near the lake to a playground so the little humans could play and we could each lunch.

The playground is near the day use picnic area and while it was completely empty while we were there, the squirrels let us know right away that they are used to humans feeding them by hand. We did not feed them, but one was particularly brave and I was smitten. The little chubby squirrel is a fox squirrel and I will always love her.

John Burge Park – Hike #2

This was literally right down the street from our campground, so it was an easy option. There was also a playground, so the little humans were really excited. The trail was neat too. It would make a great trail to explore in different seasons with children, making note of the different changes.

Lake Creek Preserve – Hike #3

The last place we really explored was another neat trail that was full of neat sights. I am very glad we did not find much wildlife, because the sign about the snakes made me question my plans of hiking alone with the children in Texas.

And those are pretty much the only things we did in the area.

Well, we also went thrifting and the 6-year-old found some neat yellow pants and a light grey sweater that he totally put together all on his own at the store and then came home and added his favorite hat. Kid has more style than I’ll ever have.

Stay tuned. Our month long adventures in DFW is coming your way soon!

On the road: 18 months
Miles towing our home: 15,422
Campgrounds visited: 86
Breweries visited: 38
National Parks visited: 18/62
National Monuments/Seashores/Historic Sites/etc.: 8
State Parks visited: 24

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