Journey to AL-LA

I really loved that the state abbreviations are a palindrome no matter which order you put them in. It made me smile, so I figured it made a good enough title.

In case AL-LA is confusing, this post is all about our time in Alabama and Louisiana.

After leaving Florida, we made our way to Mobile, Alabama. I was actually pretty excited to explore this place. Boy was I disappointed.


Meaher State Park

To start, we stayed at Meaher State Park. The place was small and pretty nice. There isn’t much to do there, but it still was a quiet place to launch our adventures from. Here are a couple photos from the state park.

Village Point Park Trail – The Only Trail We Hiked

This was the only trail we hiked in the two days we had in the area. It was a neat trail system. Several boardwalks over mucky areas, a historic cemetery, a little beach, and signs that warn of alligators. Though we did not see any wildlife, the trail system was neat and we’d love to see what it is like at differing times of the year.

Downtown Mobile

We all had grand plans to go into town together and explore downtown Mobile. Unfortunately, the 6-year-old wasn’t feeling well, so he and Doug stayed home while the 3-year-old and I went exploring. We pretty much only went to Cooper Riverside Park, which was right on the river. We were literally the only ones there. It was fun.

And that was really all we did in Mobile. And truth be told nothing else really stood out to us to do anyway. I am sure there is more to do, but with only two days and Covid-19, this is what we ended up with.


I was super excited to check this place out. It was a bucket list item for sure. Mostly because of the French Quarter, which I will recap soon, but also beignets. I really wanted all the beignets.

Bayou Segnette State Park

I really loved this state park. It was such a quiet and lovely place to spend a week. The playground was perfect for our little humans, there were armadillos, we were pretty much the only people there, and it was near neat places to visit. The only downside to this park was the large amounts of trash. So we went on a trash walk to help clean it up a bit. We filled 4 plastic grocery bags in less than an hour.

Whitney Plantation

This was hands down the most powerful place we’ve been to in our travels. I was hesitant to bring my little humans to a plantation because then I had to explain slavery to them. I am really glad we went and that they have the most basic understanding of slavery. I learned so much. Literally more than I ever learned in school about plantations and enslaved people.

The Whitney Plantation is a unique experience because the focus of the entire audio tour is on the enslaved people. The tour mentions the enslavers when necessary, but the focus is on the lives of the enslaved.

The French Quarter

Obviously, we did venture down to the main touristy place in NOLA. Our very first stop was Café Du Monde for some delicious beignets. We then meandered the streets taking in the sights and sounds. We walked down Bourbon Street and saw a brass street band performing and were stopped and asked to dine in several restaurants. We ended up choosing New Orleans Creole Cookery 50% because they had vegetarian jambalaya and 50% because they had an outdoor patio. As a human that loves to try new foods, I often wish I liked meat and wanted to eat it because man that would open so many food doors. I am just excited that I sort of know what jambalaya tastes like now.


So as we were packing up and getting ready to head out, our 6-year-old discovered our campground had tree frogs. He was over the moon, as was I! You see, I love tree frogs so much. We found two different kinds and it was such a neat way to say goodbye to NOLA.

And that’s it for AL-LA or LA-AL. Soon the post about our month in Dallas/Fort Worth will be popping up, so stay tuned for that!

On the road: 17 months
Miles towing our home: 15,063
Campgrounds visited: 85
Breweries visited: 38
National Parks visited: 18/62
National Monuments/Seashores/Historic Sites/etc.: 8
State Parks visited: 23

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