Called to Action in Wanderland

Ya’ll, I really need to fess up to something.

Do you ever feel like you have taken on more than you can handle?

Or maybe you start a project you are passionate about and then life happens and the passion you were pouring into the project wanes a bit?

Well, this is what is happening with me.

See, I started releasing the Wanderland Travel Guides back in October and I was very ambitious in my abilities to create them as we travelled. I was sure that by December, I’d have New England and the South East US done. In other words, 12 of the 52 states completed. I was only half right.

Don’t worry, they are all still coming. I plan to keep right on chugging along…


I want to share with you why there is a delay and what I have been focused on instead. I am very excited or proud of each of the things that do take up my time, so you know, this is not a bad thing.

  • Finding a Path from Ally to Antiracist: This has been a long journey, but I really dove into this back in July 2020. I began absorbing as many BIPOC books as I possibly could. I never considered myself a racist, but for a long time I simply agreed things were messed up and needed to change, but I did not recognize my role in that or my own biases. Reading these books has changed me and I highly recommend reading all the books as you travel down your own path to becoming an ally and antiracist human.
  • Roadschooling My 6yo: I was struggling to get into a rhythm with my own homeschool. I had thought the Wanderland Travel Guides would fix our issues, but really a curriculum only works when it is already completed. Creating them AND trying to use them at the same time was proving difficult. That said, creating the guides gave me concrete and easy to implement activities that did help me climb out of the murky homeschool abyss I found myself in.
  • Instagram Took Over My Life: I was putting far too much energy into Instagram. I need to take a step back and stop worrying about capturing the roadschooling activities I was doing with the kids. Plus, looking at the all pretty homeschool set ups and then looking at the makeshift travel setup I have, was making me long for a house. AND I LOVE TRAVELING AND SEEING ALL THE THINGS!
  • Knitting: It got cold and we all needed new scarves and hats, so I took the time to make us some warm winter clothing. Knitting relaxes me, so it is something I enjoy doing and often find myself struggling to find people to give my creations to. And thanks to the ladies at Unlearning Racism just last night as I was reading my weekly email, they called me to action with regards to the homeless. I can now knit hats and save them for when we encounter homeless individuals. Both of my children want to help me too, which was such a delightful surprise! Now, instead of smiling and saying I do not have any cash, I will be able to offer them a warm hat.
  • I Started Working with Sara of Run Wild My Child on Her Weekly Newsletter: This doesn’t take up much time, but it does usually require some internet sleuthing and that is time I used to spend on the guides. But I enjoy this work and I love working with Sara!

All this to say. I have a lot on my plate and most of it is a bit more important than creating another curriculum in a world full of curriculum options.


I am absolutely, 100%, without a doubt still working on them. They will just slowly reveal themselves to you.

Right now my passions have shifted to ensuring I am raising antiracists, connecting well and often with my children and husband, enjoying our travels and adventures, and using the little voice I do have to share ways to be better humans.

This amazing hats are from Pacific North Nest Designs.

The good news is, when I began creating the Wanderland Travel Guides I was already committed to ensuring the did not leave out the voices of BIPOC and other marginalized populations. So at least I do not need to go back and redo the ones that are already done! Whew!

If you would like to learn more about being an antiracist with me, I am cohosting a Diversity Book Club throughout 2021. Each month we are sharing one children’s book and encouraging everyone to add them to their read aloud book rotation for the month. And every other month (beginning in February) we are reading an adult antiracism themed book and sharing our growth and reflections via Instagram. Join us!

Any questions? Ask away!

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