To Be in North Carolina

The title isn’t great. But I wanted to use the state motto: “to be, rather than to seem.” So I went with it and it is done. Case closed. Keep on reading.


Have you ever been to this absolutely stunning state? Seriously, we only went to a couple places and it was simply gorgeous everywhere we went.

We missed the height of fall colors and STILL we were impressed by the natural beauty.

Asheville, North Carolina won us all over. If we don’t settle down in this area, it will absolutely be a place we revisit. Probably more than once.

Are you ready to see how we spent our glorious two weeks here? I don’t want to give too much away, but there was a flood, lots of hiking, a small Halloween celebration (that’s how far behind I am), and some seriously delicious food.

Medoc Mountain State Park

We had a one night stop over at this state park. It was a delightful evening, though I cannot say we managed to capture any evidence of this fact. I would highly encourage anyone in the area to give it a go. You won’t regret it. I mean look at this view as you enter the park!!

Hanover Park Vineyard

This is another one of those Harvest Host wins we often speak of! We had another one night stop over and this night was also quite lovely. We had a beautiful parking spot, with a great view, and the kids were able to run around and enjoy themselves without the mosquitos (check out or last post about Virginia and mosquitos). Anyway, the wine was good too, so if you ever find yourself in this area of North Carolina, check out this vineyard.


Our RV Park – Wilson’s Riverfront RV Park

Upon arriving at our RV park, I am not going to lie, we were not thrilled. It was packed and our spot was incredibly sloped. We did not feel entirely safe being unlevel, but we did manage to stick it out for two weeks. The RV park is right along French Broad River and the Green Belt runs right through the middle of the RV park too. It seems perfect. Until it floods…

We were lucky. Our home was parked on that sloped hill I mentioned, so the water did not reach us. But those higher paying riverside spots all had to move their RVs for the day until the water receded. The owner and staff at Wilson’s RV Park were friendly and accommodating. The location was close to good food and the downtown area of Asheville.

A Halloween Celebration

First we dressed in costumes a day or two before Halloween and went to a pumpkin patch. Well, that is a lie. There were no pumpkin patches in the immediate area, so we went to a corn maze, which is more famous for their apple cider donuts (they were AMAZING), than pumpkins. But we did get two tiny pumpkins. We had to grab two carving pumpkins on the way home from the grocery store.

Then to actually celebrate Halloween, we did a Hike-O-Ween and drove up to The Great Smokey Mountain National Park for a couple hike adventures.

First, we grabbed Junior Ranger books and meandered the Oconaluftee River Trail near the visitor center to work on completing it. We also took this time to do a nature candy scavenger hunt (which is available for free on my freebies page) so the children could enjoy Halloween the candy way.

Finally, we drove up to the Smokemont Nature Trail for one last hike before leaving the national park. This was a beautiful trail and the little creek and the bridges were so cool!

Hike 1 – Collier Cover Nature Preserve

We ventured out to our first trail in Asheville and were not even slightly disappointed. We did choose one on top of a hill, which meant the trail meandered down and then back up. Those sorts of trails never make anyone happy, but still we survived. Well, I survived. If you asked the kids after they reached the top, I am sure you would have heard all sorts of stories about how much they hate hiking. But, until we reached that particular upward climb on the trail, they loved it!

Hike 2 – Richmond Hill Park Trail

This was a really neat area and I would absolutely enjoy meandering this trail system in different seasons. We all had a great time and the 6yo decided that dragging sticks is a fun thing. So he literally collected and dragged the sticks. I let him. He loved it.

Hike 3 – Jump Off Rock Trail

This was a neat trail, though really the view at the top (which you drive up to) was better than the trail itself. We still had fun.

Hike 4 – Moore Cove Falls Trail

This was one of my favorite places we hiked in North Carolina. It was stunning. It was quite the drive from our home’s parking spot, so I am glad it was worth it. It was also one of the few times I’ve had to pee on the trail. HA! It was a fairly easy hike and the waterfall at the end was stunning. I highly recommend it.

Hike 5 – North Carolina Arboretum

We also visited this delightful place! Though, I cannot find any of the many photos I know I took. I did find these two. So, in sum, we found a hollow log and worked on our nature journals for the turkey tail shroom we found.

The Random Stuff

And just to round out this extra long post, here are some additional, more random, adventures our family enjoyed. Oh, and a female cardinal enjoyed eating bugs that were resting on the back of our rig, so we got to enjoy watching her up close through the window.

And that is all I have for you right now. Stay tuned for our adventures in Georgia. It will not be this long…I promise!

On the road: 16 months
Miles towing our home: 12,002
Campgrounds visited: 78
Breweries visited: 37
National Parks visited: 17/62
National Monuments/Seashores/Historic Sites/etc.: 6
State Parks visited: 20

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