Debonair Delaware

New year, new me! Well, a new plan anyway.

I am going to write these dang posts until I am able to catch up. That’s right. I have seven of these bad boys to crank out. Are you ready for this??

Delaware. Let’s recap.

Well, actually I must rewind a touch. We left Rhode Island and spent one night in Connecticut and one night in New Jersey.

In Connecticut we literally pulled into a field and spent the night. It is a Harvest Host location that worked perfectly for our needs. Oh, and there was a spooky Halloween house next door, so that was neat to see.

In Jersey we met up with my sister again, which was wonderful. We did a little early Halloween celebration and had dinner at our campsite (Jugtown Mountain Campsites). Oh, and we voted!

Lums Pond State Park

We stayed in this delightful state park campground for the week. It was actually one of the most popular state parks we’ve been to in a while. It was often busy with campers, but it was still really nice. We would highly recommend it and we would absolutely stay there again if we pass back through.

We spent most of our time indoors, due to rain. But we did venture out and explore the state park trails when it wasn’t raining.

Since we were stuck inside, we made pumpkin sugar cookies (soo good) and corn muffins (the recipe for them is in my Massachusetts Wanderland Travel Guide). They are so yummy!

The only other thing we really did was find an epic playground. It was so much fun, and during the day, there were rarely other children there. Plus we found a snake and lots of geese. I surprisingly do not have many photos, but that is just because we were playing so hard I forgot.

And that’s all folks!

Stay tuned for our not-so-wonderful Virginia experience…

On the road: 16 months
Miles towing our home: 11,435
Campgrounds visited: 73
Breweries visited: 36
National Parks visited: 16/62
National Monuments/Seashores/Historic Sites/etc.: 6
State Parks visited: 19

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