Maine has Moxie

Maine’s landscape fully embodies the “force of character” definition of moxie and Mainers sure do love the drink with that name. So much so, they made Moxie their state beverage. Never heard of it? Me neither. Well, until I started creating immersive state curricula. We were unable to find this beverage and immerse ourselves into the total Moxie experience, which was a bit of a bummer.

Maine was gorgeous. I loved every single thing about it. Of course, we were there in the fall when the weather is delightful and the leaves are showing off their beautiful colors. Not sure if I would feel the same in the winter, with all the snow and that really cold weather.

This is how we enjoyed Maine’s moxie.

Alpaca Farm

Our drive from New Hampshire to our home for the week in Maine was a bit far for our short travel days, so we used our Harvest Host membership and stayed at an alpaca farm! It was so neat! We got to give the alpacas some treats and even stand in their enclosure with them. They were not super friendly, so they did not let us touch them. Oh, I almost forgot. One spit on me while I was feeding it a tasty treat. From that point on, no alpaca would take a treat from my hands. It was kind of hilarious, but also incredibly gross.

Our Home for the Week

In a regular year, we would have 100% stayed in Acadia National Park. But 2020 and the time of Covid19 is not a regular year. The national park campgrounds were not open for reservations, so I booked us a campground (Bass Harbor Campground) outside of the national park, but close enough to give us easy access for all the fun. Or so I thought. We were actually about 30 minutes to heart of the park, but there were two trails just a mere 2-5 minutes down the road. The campground we stayed at was simple and worked, but we did not do much there. The playground was closed, cause Covid, but the overgrown off-leash dog enclosure was open.

Acadia National Park

Ship Harbor Trail

This is one of the trails that was right near our campground. We decided to explore it soon after parking our home. It was beautiful.

Wonderland Trail

This is the other trail that was right near our home for the week. This trail was listed as great for tidepools and while there are a ton of little tidepools to explore, there is not much diversity within them. We found so many snails, a few crabs, some barnacles, and some sea plants. It was still a ton of fun and an absolutely gorgeous trail too.

Jordon Pond Nature Trail

I had seen some really beautiful pictures from this trail and wanted to check it out. It really was quite beautiful.

Cadillac Summit

We wanted to see the sunset on top of a mountain and this one allowed us to drive to the top! It was a total win! We parked on the wrong side and had to meander some trails to find a view of the sunset. But we did it! Of course, the clouds mostly covered the setting sun. It was still a wonderful adventure and we captured a gorgeous family photo too!

Walking on the Ocean Floor

A ranger recommended we explore the Bar Harbor Land Bridge for tidepooling, so we did. It was really popular and walking distance to the lovely Bar Harbor downtown area. But the tidepooling was about the same as our first go. We did, however, get to walk along the bottom of the ocean floor. Low tide is so low that it literally opens up the entire floor for exploring. Though with the number of snails and barnacles present, you will be killing quite a few as you walk. It was not my favorite.

After exploring we went and grabbed lunch in downtown Bar Harbor and watched the boats.

Homans and Emery Path

I saved the absolute best trail for last. This was the hike I took the kids on so we could complete their Junior Ranger books. It was not an easy trail, but the kids totally rocked the 1/2 mile up and 1/2 mile down. We stopped at the top with the best view and had our snack and worked on a couple pages of the Junior Ranger books before we hiked back down.

Near the beginning (and end) of the trail is the visitor center and a wonderful indigenous plant garden and nature trail. We meandered through it (with masks and only able to go one way) and the 5-year-old saw his first in-person bug-eating plant – the pitcher plant. The kid was over the moon.

That is how we spent our time in Acadia National Park, but we also spent the night in a campground just outside of Freeport Maine on our final night in the state. We stopped to break up the drive, since we like to keep our drive days to a nice 2 hour Google estimated drive time. We rarely succeed, but we try.

The Final Campground

As you read this last headline, read it to the tune of the band Europe’s song “The Final Countdown.” It just makes it more fun. Right? Now you have the song stuck in your head too. Sorry about that.

Anyway, Cedar Haven Family Campground has a lot going for it. It is absolutely family friendly and full of great things for the kids to do. The playground, adult and kid swing set up, and the toys, made our one evening and morning there really wonderful. BUT, (there is always a but, right?) they give you religious materials (and a religious music CD) when you arrive. This is inappropriate in my opinion and we will not be back.

And this is our experience in Maine! It was amazing and I loved it so much. I think we all did!

Stay tuned for our adventures in Massachusetts!

On the road: 14 months
Miles towing our home: 10,825
Campgrounds visited: 69
Breweries visited: 36
National Parks visited: 16/62
National Monuments/Seashores/Historic Sites/etc.: 5
State Parks visited: 16

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