New Hampshire or Die

See, what did I tell you??! My plan is working. The plan, you ask? Essentially, ignore all the other projects I have going on at least once a week to write TWO posts. Until I catch up. I totally got this!

So New Hampshire. This is a state I knew nothing about. In fact, until we drove through Vermont and New Hampshire, I could not have told you which was which. But I know now. See, travel life feeds my craving to learn all the things. Plus, I am currently working on (read ignoring to write this post) the Wanderland Travel Guide for New Hampshire. This state is relatively boring history wise, compared to some of the other New England states.

Their motto is awesome though, Live Free or Die.

Some more fun facts for you:

  • New Hampshire was the last state to adopt Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a holiday. And I am not talking about a little time lapse. Nope, they officially adopted it in late 1999 and celebrated the holiday for the first time in 2000! It became a federal holiday in 1983!
  • There was a forgotten African Burying Ground in Portsmouth that was uncovered in the downtown area during street construction. After the discovery, the street was closed and is now a memorial.
  • The state fruit is pumpkin.

Anyway, back to our travels.

Campground Exploring

We stayed at Timberland Campground in Shelburne. The area is gorgeous and we explored quite a bit. Especially, the campground’s private trail. It was a beautiful trail.

Shelburn Trail

We also went exploring on a gorgeous waterfall trail, Shelburn Trail. It was quite the adventure. One mile up hill to a small, but beautiful waterfall where we snacked and took in the views. Then we all basically ran back to the car. The downhill run made it fun. I also may have made up a running song that allowed me to slow down periodically and catch my breath.

Bridge Trail

I also saw a neat bridge while driving to the grocery store. I took the kids the next morning to check it out. The bridge was awesome and the trail we found on the other side was much longer than anticipated. The kids were cranky, but we made it!

Apple Picking and Pie

And we finally went apple picking…in Maine! We were about 10 minutes to the Maine border and the closest apple orchard that was open and doing u-pick, was in Maine. We had a blast at Gibson Apple Orchard and the lady who runs the place was so very helpful. And their freshly made apple cider was seriously amazing! Of course we had a ton of apples and we were in maple country, so we made an amazing maple apple pie. It was seriously the best apple pie I’ve ever made.

And that was essentially how we enjoyed New Hampshire. It made me long for settling down and opening some sort of hostel or Air B&B. There were many in this area because of the White Mountains, Mt. Washington (the tallest mountain in New England), and the Appalachian Trail. Wouldn’t it be neat to meet all sorts of people and live among such beauty?

Stay tuned for our adventures in Maine and Acadia National Park.

On the road: 14 months
Miles towing our home: 10,455
Campgrounds visited: 66
Breweries visited: 36
National Parks visited: 15/62
National Monuments/Seashores/Historic Sites/etc.: 5
State Parks visited: 16

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