Maple, Plaid, and Vermont

This is becoming an issue. I mean, we are in North Carolina and here I am posting about Vermont. We’ve literally stayed at least one night in nine other states since Vermont. Don’t worry though, I have a plan. Hopefully, it is a good one and I can catch up. These next few posts will be short and sweet. So here goes Vermont.

We absolutely saw many maple products (it is the state flavor after all) and there was at least one restaurant with plaid in its name, so obviously my title is fitting.

We stayed in the gorgeous Gifford Woods State Park. It was so delightful, that we did not venture out much at all. Seriously, I highly recommend this place.

We also hiked the tiniest portion of the Appalachian Trail. Like not even a mile. The trail ran right through our campground, so how could we not give it a go?

We also did some fun nature math. We used this ten frame to show how skip counting works. The kids worked together to gather ten of each different nature item. Then I talked to the 5-year-old about skip counting by 10s. It was a whole family affair and was quite fun.

The boys went exploring with Doug and caught a ton of frogs and even some snails.

We did try to go apple picking, but the dang apple orchards were not ready yet. So, instead they let us go say hello to the animals. I got to pet a very friendly and totally happy to be loved on pig. It made my week!

It took a lot of effort (because of Covid19 and because Killington is more of a winter town, so many places were not open while we were there), but I found a delicious coffee shop.

I also went on one failed hike with the boys. We got 5 minutes into the hike and realized there were too many mosquitos and the whole thing was pretty much up hill. So we turned around. I took these delightful photos of the adventure though.

Stay tuned for our adventures in New Hampshire!

On the road: 14 months
Miles towing our home: 10,298.5
Campgrounds visited: 65
Breweries visited: 36
National Parks visited: 15/62
National Monuments/Seashores/Historic Sites/etc.: 5
State Parks visited: 16

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