Amoosed in Colorado

I think this is fairly well-known, but Colorado is beautiful! Almost immediately after leaving Utah, we were struck by the majestic mountains and trees of Colorado. The mountains and trees also brought cooler weather, which was equally amazing.


Our first night in this grand state was spent in the tiny town of Silt, Colorado. We were able to maneuver our rig and truck in hilarious fashion to avoid unhooking. The boys explored well into the evening and the next morning we grabbed coffee at the local shop before heading out.

Grand Lake

We spent a week in Grand Lake, Colorado and boy was it gorgeous. We stayed in Elk Creek Campground, which was wonderful. Sites are spacious, showers and laundry are available, its close to Rocky Mountain National Park, and moose and deer frequent the campground. Yes, you read that right. Moose frequent the campground.

Doug worked outside because the weather was so nice and we all enjoyed the fire pit and camp site.

We also got to spend some time with friends for one day here, which was wonderful! We are terrible at taking photos of the people we see on our travels. One day we will learn to do better.

We also spent a lot of time hanging out at Grand Lake. It is a beautiful lake, but also a popular tourist area, so quite busy.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park was unfortunately on a day use reservation system due to Covid-19, so we only managed to secure one day in the park. Which was lame, but Katie and the boys did enjoy their adventures.

Coyote Valley Trail

Our first stop of the morning was a meadow trail in the hopes of finding elk, moose, beaver or deer near the river. We did not luck out on the moose, elk, or beaver front, but we did see a lone buck strolling through the wooded area at the trail head. This trail was in full sun, which made it unexpectedly hot, even though the temperature was in the low 60s. The views were really wonderful and it was a super simple hike to enjoy with kids. There were also many stopping points with informational signs and a couple good snack stopping places too. It made for a great trail to work on our Junior Ranger Books.

Lake Irene

This was our second and last stop in the park. It is a very short hike to the lake and then the trail follows the lake perimeter. The lake was really pretty and the reflections it held were stunning. It was a great stop and we saw some wild flowers, heard a frog, and saw a lone deer. It was probably the summer season, but the lake was covered with a cloud of mosquitoes. Both kids did not want to turn back, so the adventures around the lake were completed with only minimal damage to our skin.

Adam Falls

This trail head is located outside of the park, so we were able to squeeze in a third hike within Rocky Mountain National Park. Again we hoped to see more moose and did not, but the short hike to the falls was lovely. The falls themselves were really neat, but we’ve been spoiled and now prefer waterfalls you can play in. HA!

Fort Morgan

Alas our time in this area was too short and we waved goodbye to Rocky Mountain National Park, moose, forests, and cool weather. We were unable to secure a day pass to drive through the national park, which we had hoped to do, so we drove down and around to make our way to Fort Morgan, Colorado. This was a one night stop over and was chosen for convenience. Boy were we glad it was only for one night. The RV park has almost zero shade and there is trash and ants everywhere. The boys cleaned up some trash and discovered a hidden cache of tiny grasshoppers in the nearby grass. The next morning we left early and said so long to Colorado.

Stay tuned for our first set of adventures in Nebraska.

Current Adventure Stats:

On the road: 11 months
Miles towing our home: 7,763
Campgrounds visited: 53
Breweries visited: 32
National Parks visited: 15/62
National Monuments/Seashores/Historic Sites/etc.: 5
State Parks visited: 4


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