Digital Adventure

As we continue to travel and learn so much about the United States and this amazing continent, Katie has decided to take on some new online ventures. She is now technically a business owner AND she is now a regularly contributing volunteer writer for the Hike it Baby blog.

Weird, right? She thinks so…

Bird Facts Black and White
Here is the photo she shared.

A business? What?! It turns out that the content she was creating for the kids is well received by other homeschooling and roadschooling families. So much so, that almost 500 people reacted to a photo she posted of nesting bird fact cards she created to help our five-year-old see the difference between bird nests. Did we mention over 100 people asked for the digital download?

This digital download and a couple others (one on ponds and another on raptors) are available on her Etsy Shop and her Teachers pay Teachers Shop. If you are so inclined to check them out, please do so. The plan is to add content regularly, but it is all new right now. Have content ideas? Let her know! Comment here or send her a message on Instagram @familyinwanderland.

As for Hike it Baby and the blog… it is one of Katie’s dreams to write and make money. I think this is a dream for a lot of folks, so it is pretty understandable why it is a difficult field to enter into. So for now, Katie plans to build up her resume by encouraging families to get outside more (something she is passionate about), and of course writing about all the amazing places we visit.

Oh!! We are launching our official Family in Wanderland Facebook page so we can share these wonderful blog posts, the new products Katie creates, the Hike it Baby blog posts Katie writes, and of course more photos and hilarious accounts of our adventures. The Facebook page allows us to do this without flooding our own Facebook feeds and annoying those who do not want to see what we are up to.

So if you are friends with us on Facebook, just you wait. There is a page invite coming your way soon!


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