Always Sunny in San Diego

This one will be brief. Not because we didn’t do a lot of things or because we found the area boring, it was quite the opposite. It will be short for a couple of reasons. One, Katie is trying to find a better way to blog about our experiences (rather than word and photo vomiting everything each week) and because we are in the Verde Valley area of Arizona with beautiful 70 degree weather, we are busy hiking our butts off.

So San Diego! We apparently know several folks down here and it was wonderful to visit! We went to breakfast and a playground with one friend, we had a McDonalds PlayPlace play date with another (because rain cancelled outdoor playground plans), and went hiking with another! Unfortunately, that whole photo journalism and documenting friendships thing is not our strong suit…so we have no real photos to share…

We headed to Jamul in South San Diego County first, because we had a free spot there. They had one heated pool, a pretty wonderful playground, crappy cell signal, a cafe that ended up giving the kids adorable Mickey Mouse pancakes for free, and was relatively close to things. One thing to note about this area is that pretty much everything was a chain. We enjoy eating out at local breweries, restaurants, and coffee shops and were not really able to. One night we finally decided to give PF Chang’s a shot. We showed up at 4:50pm on a Wednesday and there was a 30 minute wait! We ended up across the street at Chili’s, which made the kids happy – because fries.  Here are some shots from our week here:

Then we ventured a bit further Northwest to Oceanside. Here we stayed at the wonderful Guajome Regional Park, which had a ton of nature trails (including road runners), a pond with a plethora of ducks, a neat playground, and was really close to neat things to do. Plus, this week we attended our first Fulltime Families event, which was a field trip to LegoLand. In case you were wondering, we had a blast. That place is just made for little ones, so even the 2yo got to ride a significant number of rides and we actually only had to separate once to take the 2yo and 5yo on different rides. Oh, and Oceanside’s Farmer’s Market was exceptional and had a vareity of amazing vendors that catered to all the dietary needs. We saw vegan Chinese food, vegan Mexican food, several gluten free and vegan baked goods, and so many more. Here are some photos of our experience in Oceanside:

Stay tuned for our adventures in Joshua Tree National Park!

Running Totals

  • On the road: 6 1/2 months
  • Miles towing our home: 3,935
  • Campgrounds visited: 33
  • Breweries visited: 29
  • National/State Parks visited: 9

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