Long Time, No Blog: A Travel Mashup

So uh, it’s been awhile…

It isn’t so much that the blog was forgotten, because it most certainly was not. It is more that there have been many transitions and we are finally finding our road legs (is that a thing?) again!

Changes to note:

  • We sold our trailer! Yup, after a short four months in our beloved 23ft home, we decided the damage inflicted on it by the prior owner was just too much for us to handle. We sold her to a lovely family that has grand plans for her.
  • And yes, we got a new home! Our new rig is 27ft (and those four feet are really noticeable, surprisingly!), has a bunk area for the boys, and a bedroom/workspace for the grownups. We did some minor renovations right away to make it feel more like home, but we still have some more renovation plans ahead. Here is what we’ve done so far.
  • Katie left her job at Youth for Change. It was such a difficult decision, but ultimately we feel it was the right one for our family. We have more time together and Katie can focus more on maintaining our travel plans and roadschooling the boys.
  • After six weeks stationary and moochdocking for the holidays with Doug’s parents (thanks you two!), transitioning to moving each week was surprisingly a bit more of an adjustment.

Since it is the new year, it might be fun to see our stats for 2019! We launched into this travel life on July 22 and this is what we did:

  • On the road: 5 months & change
  • Miles towing our home: 3,091
  • Campgrounds visited: 25
  • Breweries visited: 25
  • National/State Parks visited: 6
What have we been up to since we last wrote?

So glad you asked. Let us summarize quickly the last couple months and share just a couple favorite photos too.

Bend is wonderful. Though the drive from Boise to Bend is low on gas stations, so prepare better than us. We almost ran out of gas (like legit running on fumes) twice! But, while in Bend we hit up breweries (at least two, but it’s been too long and we can’t recall properly…), we went hiking, we enjoyed gorgeous scenic views, and we discovered the High Desert Museum (totally awesome). Be like us and enjoy some time and beer in Bend. Oh here are some photos of our week in the area.

Next up was a day at Crater Lake! It is absolutely stunning and we would have stayed longer, but the snow was right on our tails. We actually spent the night at a rest area, so we could book it home quickly the next day.

Then we finally made it back to our home base! We arrived and spent six weeks enjoying the company of family and friends. We went hiking, celebrated our kiddo’s 5th birthday, made fun holiday themed foods, found some snow, and really tried to squeeze in all our friends and family. We knew we wouldn’t be back in the area for at least a year, so we wanted to do it all! It went by far too quickly and we miss everyone all over again!

We left the Chico/Red Bluff area on January 4th and our first week back on the road was in Cloverdale. We went to Russian River Brewery, enjoyed the cute little downtown in Cloverdale, and found a few hiking trails to explore.

Then we ventured over to the Point Reyes area, just north of San Francisco, and stayed in the beautiful redwoods at Samuel Taylor State Park. We enjoyed exploring the redwoods, Golden Gate Park (both kids earned their Junior Ranger Badge too!), and Point Reyes (we saw coyotes up close, and deer and elk too!). Katie also loved Point Reyes Station, even though the coffee cart only took cash.

Next we drove on down to San Benito County and stayed in the middle of nowhere (20 minutes South of Hollister). The campground was actually really great. There were wild pigs roaming around every day. We even saw a baby pig a couple times and boy was it adorable. There were also a ton of deer everywhere. We heard an owl hooting beautifully in the tree next to our home each night and even saw a skunk waddling in the road on our way home once. We went to Monterey for the day and spent it with Doug’s parents at Monterey Bay Aquarium and a dog friendly beach. We also got to enjoy the company of an old friend and her partner for dinner one evening! Oh, and Katie and the boys visited Pinnacles National Park and enjoyed the hike, caves, and waterfall quite a lot. Totally recommend visiting it if you are ever in the area. Both kiddos even earned their Junior Ranger badge and were so proud, too.

Our next destination was Ventura for a week camping right next to the ocean, but we stopped for one night in Paso Robles to stay at a winery (Dark Star Cellars for the win) as part of our Harvest Hosts membership. Then we continued and spent a week parallel parked next to the ocean. We had an amazing view all week and we were close to so many things. But, we were literally parallel parked with the ocean on one side and a road with a 45mph speed limit on the other. A mere bike lane separated our home from the traffic. Oh, and did we mention the train tracks on the other side of the road? It was certainly beautiful, but not very pup or child friendly. We live and learn. Unfortunately, we didn’t feel the kiddos were up to the boating adventure to explore the Channel Islands, but we did drop into the visitor center on the mainland, and the 5yo earned his Junior Ranger badge. We hit up two breweries here too, which was nice.

Instead of driving straight to San Diego, we decided to spend the weekend in Dana Point (near Laguna Beach) at Doheny State Beach. To get here, Katie towed our home through LA and LA traffic, as well as the Malibu and Santa Monica narrow-laned, bike-and-pedestrian-heavy coastal roads. And when we arrived, the campground was super tight and we barely made it in our spot. It was actually the only camping space we’ve ever almost given up on. We persevered and got our home backed in beautifully. We enjoyed Doheny Beach and visitor center, a short hike in the Willow Canyon Staging Area, and a visit to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center.

Now we are in the San Diego. Stay tuned for more on this lovely place!

Until next time.

Running Totals

  • On the road: 6 months
  • Miles towing our home: 3,779
  • Campgrounds visited: 31
  • Breweries visited: 28
  • National/State Parks visited: 9

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