Our adventures in Seattle were actually not so very much in Seattle. We stayed on Bainbridge Island, which seems close by on a map, but isn’t actually all that close. Driving and using the ferry was about an hour and driving and avoiding the ferry was over two hours. Needless to say, we only ventured into Seattle for one day and enjoyed the Seattle-ish area the rest of the time.

To get to Seattle proper, we took the ferry. This was probably the highlight of the day for the kids.

Once in the city we met up with friends, Tom and Bec, at Fremont Brewing Co. and enjoyed catching up over a beer. The pups and kids were there too, but who knows what occupied their time. Sadly, we did not catch a photo with our friends!


We also did a touristy thing and found the Fremont Troll under a bridge. It was worth it and probably Katie’s favorite part of our day in Seattle (except catching up with friends). Well, the art and sculptures in general were her jam.

We also checked out the Ballard Farmer’s Market and spent a ton of money on some delicious food. Except for the pickles we bought. They were incredibly salty and just disgusting. Our salt and pickle loving kid wouldn’t eat them and Doug (who hates letting things go to waste so will suffer through and eat all the bad or leftover food) wouldn’t finish them off either. Otherwise, Ballard Farmer’s Market didn’t disappoint.

We finished off our day at the Pacific Science Center. This place was amazing and the boys were stoked that Blippi had visited this place (if you don’t know who this is you are lucky, but also Google can help you out for sure). The two-year-old kept pointing to all the dinosaurs and repeating Blippi, because he totally knew Blippi had been in that room too. There was a butterfly room, which was amazing! The four-year-old wanted desperately for a butterfly to land on him, but no such luck. There was also an insect room, some naked mole rats  (the mole rats were awesome), a salt water touch pool, lots of STEM activities, and a play area for the younger kiddos. We seriously spent a couple hours here and barely scratched the surface of what was available to do.

Oh, and we saw the Space Needle from a distance.

Our home base for the week was Bainbridge Island. This place is beautiful and had a lot of things to explore and do. We stayed in the parking lot of a casino and resort because it was cheap, had full hookups, and close to the ferry. Again, we didn’t realize the actual travel time…oops! The resort had a neat pool that we could use for a mere $20 per day, so needless to say we only did that once. They had a lot of outdoor scenic spots too, which gave our family the ability to explore without getting in the car. Oh and there was a beach covered with barnacles and crabs. The four-year-old and Doug enjoyed this place a ton and loved finding crabs. The two-year-old and Katie, not so much. Here are a ton of photos of crabs and the barnacle beach.

And here are some random shots of us exploring of our home for the week:

Katie took the kids for a stroll through downtown and to the local children’s museum, which was pretty neat.

They attended the local library’s story time, but the toys and the library’s garden were more of a hit with the kids this week.

She also took them to Battle Point Park, where there was a great walking trail, a duck pond, and a huge, beautiful (but neglected and in need of repair) solid wood playground.

They also ventured to the local aquarium, which turned out to be small, but really neat.

Katie and Doug also enjoyed some beer at Slippery Pig Brewery and some additional local beer at a public house, The Plate & Pint.

Here are some more random photos from the week.

And that’s all for this week folks. Stay tuned for next week, when we share the beauty that is Leavenworth, Washington.

And the Totals Are:

Days on the road: 76

Miles towed: 1,838

Camp sites visited: 19

Breweries visited: 17

National Parks/Recreation Centers/Monuments visited: 5




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