The Week Doug Went Rogue

Okay, he didn’t exactly go rogue. He was busy working and team building with his work team down in sunny Southern California. We arrived in Chehalis, Washington on Monday afternoon and Doug left for the airport Monday evening, leaving Katie to tend to the kids, dogs, and tiny home alone in an unfamiliar area. Let’s pretend he had a terrible time and didn’t enjoy his work-cation at the beach, eating dim sum, and failing at escape rooms at all.

Before he drove away for the airport, we ventured to a local brewery for dinner. Well, it is called Flood Valley Brewing and comes up when searching for breweries, BUT it was not a brewery. They do not brew their own beer and it was very obviously a bar that had recently had a small makeover. It still looked (and smelled) very much like a bar, but it had some new additions that made it look like it was trying to be a restaurant (namely the new table and chairs). The food was only okay, as they only had fried food that was vegetarian friendly. So maybe we should have done a little more research before venturing out. Live and learn, right?

On Tuesday, Katie and the kids set out to the local farmers market. It was adorable and they found some yummy food. They stopped into a local cafe and Rory discovered a love of giant dill pickles.

The kids helped with laundry too.

Wednesday was spent exploring and hiking near the campground in the morning…

…and exploring the Mt. Saint Helen’s Visitor Center in the afternoon.

Thursday was a rainy day, so other than venturing to the grocery store, the day was spent inside our tiny home. We made play dough, did a small amount of playground play, and took short rain walks with the pups.

Doug returned late Thursday evening, so the boys woke up Friday to daddy’s return and were absolutely thrilled. The whole family ventured out to breakfast on Friday at a farm to table restaurant. It was delicious and the veggies and fruit from their little farm stand were amazing! Later that day, Doug took them to explore the campground some more and they found mini golf and another play structure! Needless to say, the kiddos (and Doug) enjoyed themselves quite a lot.

Apparently, when Doug leaves, the family does far less adventuring worth blogging about…

Here are a few photos from Doug’s adventures:

Here are our new totals!

Days on the road: 69

Miles traveled: 1,721

Camp sites visited: 18

Breweries visited: 15

National Parks/Recreation Centers/Monuments visited: 5

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