“Rain Keeps Falling, Rain Keeps Falling Down, Down, Down”

Recognize the song? It’s the song Katie kept singing during all the rain we experienced this week in Tillamook Oregon. Hey, hey, hey, hey! Ooh Woh…

Despite the rain Tillamook was actually really great. We drove from Florence straight through and found our little, dry campground with ease. Our view from the campground was brilliant. Because it didn’t have any amenities, it wasn’t frequented by many people, but it was perfect for us. We explored it endlessly and really enjoyed having only a couple of neighbors for a week. There were a ton of different birds, a corn field (which was harvested while we were there), lots of grasshoppers, the tiny Tillamook Airport next door which had planes landing and taking off every once in a long while, and lots of puddles!

Here is the view from our front window! This was our front yard!


These are a few (okay a ton) of photos from our adventures at our campground.

Our first full day there was rainy all morning, so we decided to go to Tillamook Creamery for breakfast and the tour. Breakfast was okay, but the tour had a lot of neat information. It was loaded with great viewing of the process, and even had some nice interactive things for kids. The free cheese was awesome too!

That afternoon turned out to be sunny and nice, so we all ventured up to Munson Creek Falls. Apparently this beautiful waterfall is the tallest waterfall on the coast. The trail was absolutely breathtaking and even though we could not venture very close to the waterfall because of a closed trail (which has apparently been closed for years), it was still worth the short easy hike. Check it out!

It rained a lot the rest of the week, but that didn’t stop us from having fun!

Katie took the kids to the Tillamook Air Museum. The building is one of eleven WWII blimp hangers still standing and the only one open to the public. The building was Katie’s favorite part (so much history just in the building), but there was a lot to see inside too.

They also ventured out to Cape Meares and again the area was just absolutely stunning. Unfortunately you have to be 40 inches tall to climb the 20 or so stairs to the top of the lighthouse, so the four-year-old pretty much lost it when the volunteer told him little brother was too short. The Octopus Tree was a hit with everyone. It was amazing.

And on one of the last days in town Katie took the boys over to the Tillamook Forest Center. While the museum could be a touch more hands on, it was really great. It houses a lot of wonderful information and had so much hiking outside. Katie and the kids hiked about a mile just wandering around on the well signed trails, completed one of the museum scavenger hunts together, and learned a lot about the area.

When we left Tillamook, we decided to take a short two night trip to the Columbia River Gorge, just outside Portland. We stayed an Ainsworth State Park due to its proximity to waterfalls and the beautiful gorge area. The weather was not super cooperative, so we only saw two waterfalls up close and we actually drove a lot to the Portland area, so maybe we should have stayed somewhere closer to Portland…You live and learn. Here are some shots of our time in the area, including a ton of different mushrooms Doug and the kids found on a hike.

Here are some shots of our time at Multnomah Falls:

Here are some shots of our time at the nearby Horsetail Falls. We all actually preferred this waterfall because it was far less crowded and you could touch the water at the base of the falls:

All in all this week was phenomenal. Stay tuned for next week’s post. Katie is in Chehalis, Washington with both kids and dogs alone for the week! Doug is at a work meeting in sunny, warm Southern California.

Here are the stats this week:

Days on the road: 64

Miles traveled: 1,609

Camp sites visited: 17

Breweries visited: 15

National Parks/Recreation Centers/Monuments visited: 4




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