This week we ventured out of our little home on wheels and actually stayed with our friend, Katy! We had planned on staying at the Humboldt County Fairgrounds in Ferndale, but the fair was in town and the three calls we made to confirm there was space for us during their busy week were in vain. That place was a mess, so we kept right on driving and ended up staying two nights at an RV park in Rio Dell (30 minutes South of Eureka). Well our trailer spent two nights there, we only stayed one…

BUT, remember how we drove through to try and stay at the fairgrounds, well the four-year-old saw the fair (instant non-stop asking when we would be going…) and so the next day when we no longer had our home in tow, we ventured to the fair. Katy joined us and it was a really good time. Not hot like the fairs we grew up going to (cause we are on the coast) and not too crowded either! Anyway after our fair adventures, we went to pizza in Ferndale and it was 8pm before we left. When all was said and done it just didn’t make sense to drive all the way back to our campground when Katy has such nice digs and is so accommodating!

We had many adventures this week. We ventured to the Sequoia Park Zoo, the beach (obviously), Avenue of the Giants, and the Humboldt County Natural History Museum.

Here are our zoo adventures:

Here are our the beach adventures:

Some shots of the Avenue of the Giants and the tourist stop at the Eternal Tree House:

And here are some shots of our time at the natural history museum:

The four-year-old finally started working on his photo travel journal! He is super into taking photos, so we decided we will print some of his choosing from each place we visit and he can make a journal of his travel using the photos. He will write important letters or words when he is able, decorate each page, and dictate why he chose the photos or what was special and worth remembering about that moment or place. He is super stoked and I love how it is turning out so far. It is also part of his roadschooling work, which is great!

We also hit up three breweries while we were in the area! It is really becoming quite the expensive, but worthwhile, part of our journey. We love trying the new beers! We checked out Eel River (the first organic craft brewery in the US), Six Rivers, and Redwood Curtain. Eel River was doing some sort of event, so we only got food from their event menu. It wasn’t great for the vegetarians in the family, but their beer was good. Six Rivers did not disappoint at all! Katie and Katy enjoyed their Strawberry summer beer and Doug enjoyed one of their IPAs, and the food was on point too. Redwood Curtain had funky beer choices, which Katie was into, and the IPAs Doug tried were good too. Pretty good experiences overall.

One huge fail of the week was our attempt to check out the Redwood National Park up in Orick. They have a Junior Ranger program, so after everyone was off work we hurried up there before they closed at 5pm. It was a 45 minute drive and we made it at 4:45pm and basically went in and asked for the Junior Ranger booklet with plans to return when we headed North on our next travel day. That part went fine. We explored the visitor center, read a Native tale about a girl who cried all the time. It really resonated with Katie and she keeps telling it to the kiddos…

The huge fail came when we drove 12 minutes to go to a hiking trail nearby the now closed visitor center. We got out of the car and the two-year-old did not want to walk or get carried. He just wanted to fuss and sit in the parking lot. And the four-year-old began to lose it after a grand total of 5 minutes on the trail. Katie had to carry the screaming four-year-old back to the car and the two-year-old happily followed. We still don’t know what happened or why the kiddos hated the Redwood National Park so much that afternoon. We do know that it went much smoother when we stopped at a different Visitor Center in Crescent City. There was street parking large enough to accommodate The Beast and our home on wheels, and the four-year-old turned in his booklet and received his fourth Junior Ranger badge! The only hiccup was that the two-year-old pooped twice during the ten-minute pit stop!

Katy and Doug took a few photos of our brief journey into the Redwood National Forest:

Here are some more random shots of our fun this week:


And the running totals:

Days on the road: 40

Miles traveled: 1,119.5

Camp sites visited: 12

Breweries visited: 12

National Parks visited: 3


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