Hidden in Lotus

Ever wonder what it is like to be near something, but have it take forever to go anywhere? Venture on down to Lotus Ca and you will find out. Not only did we not have cell signal at our site (which means we didn’t have internet), we also were so far from all the things. Seriously, driving 10 miles took 20+ minutes. Luckily for us, the wonderful and delicious cafe (Sierra Rizing) across from where we lived for the week had free WiFi and was welcoming of those who needed to park their bums in their cafe all day to get work done (this was Doug!)

It was also our first experience using our Thousand Trails membership. We bought the $500 annual zone pass, which lets you stay for up to 14 nights at any Thousand Trails RV Resort for free. RV resorts are typically $30-$50 a night, so obviously after a few nights at these resorts the membership pays for itself. In theory, this will help us save money while we travel. Plus there are many on our general path for the next few months, so we decided it would be worth it for us to try out.

The reason we were in Lotus is because of this membership. Doug’s conference in Sacramento brought us to the general area, but the decision to stay in Lotus was because of the membership. The resort is very crowded and lacks sewer hookups, but it is next to the American River and has free hot showers! The long hot showers were pretty nice.

Our view this week wasn’t exactly noteworthy…

IMG_20190810_093050258_HDR - Copy

Not so great RV resort aside, this week started off terribly. We found a water leak in the wall of our shower! The shower faucet was leaking and while we were getting our tire replaced in Truckee, Katie noticed water dripping from under the trailer. It is hard to tell, but this wood under our shower is soaked and it was dripping through cracks and out from under the trailer. (imagine the super sad faces we made!)

IMG_20190809_171346_160 - Copy

Luckily we caught it early and Don (the RV repair guy in Cottonwood) was super helpful over the phone. We replaced the faucet and the leak stopped! We also took the time to replace the kitchen faucet and again our under the kitchen sink drip leak stopped!

While Doug enjoyed meals, coffee, and the free WiFi at the cafe, Katie and the boys went adventuring. They went to Fairytale Town in Sacramento with friends from Chico! Check out the fun times:

They also went to Folsom and checked out the zoo, had ice cream, and popped into the library for some books and playtime.

And they ventured still to the Sacramento Children’s Museum and spent several hours thoroughly enjoying each area of the museum.

The RV resort also had a beach on the river, a pool, and a playground, so the kids spent a lot of time hanging out at these two places too.

Doug and Katie celebrated their 8 year anniversary on August 13th with a playground visit to wear the kids out, a photoshoot done by Rory down by the American River (next to the playground), and dinner and beer at Jack Russell Brewery in Placerville (no pictures of the brewery sadly).


We also enjoyed Cool Brew Works in Cool CA and a little brewery called Barmhaus in Lotus. Cool Brew Works had a sushi focus for their food, which was a weird combo, but that focus led Katie to try a pineapple coconut IPA and man did she think it was tasty. Barmhaus had some delicious sours too. Doug was also fond of Cool Brew Works, but the Belgian style beers at Barmhaus were not really his style. At Barmhaus the boys climbed a hill and stood on a rock, while Katie sipped her second beer.

Okay, so one thing this area has is an abundance of breweries and wineries (although we didn’t stop at any of them). If we had been able to connect to any form of WiFi, this area would not be so bad. But, we will thoroughly enjoy the cooler coastal weather for the next several weeks. Adios hot weather!

These are our running totals:

Days on the road: 27

Miles traveled: 696.5

Camp sites visited: 8

Breweries visited: 7

National Parks visited: 2

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