Lots of Travel & Truckee!

This week was a little different than how we plan to travel. Since Doug has that work conference in Sacramento, we had some ground to cover and we didn’t want to miss the sights along the way. So we left Mt. Shasta on a Friday afternoon (our planned travel days are usually Saturdays) and we drove to (and completely through) Mt. Lassen Volcanic National Park. We actually boondocked in the Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center at the Southern end of the park. They were closed when we arrived, so we went and enjoyed the visitor center first thing in the morning. We honestly did not get to enjoy this National Park very much because we just didn’t have the time. Which was sad, because boy were there some awesome things to see and explore!

Here are some shots of our adventures in Mt. Lassen:

Oh, and even though Rory was too young to do the Junior Ranger program here, they did let him complete the activities to become a Night Explorer and he got a cool patch. Here is him saying the oath with a super awesome Park Ranger, Cole!


After leaving Mt. Lassen, we drove and stopped for lunch/dinner in Old Station at JJ’s Cafe. The service was poor, but the food and local beer was good. Then onward to Doyle, California, where we adventured to our first Bureau of Land Management (BLM) owned property. It is free to camp on land owned by BLM. It was off the beaten path, but free and the view was beautiful!

Here are some shots of our night in Doyle at the Fort Sage Trailhead:

We got up early and drove to Reno, where we planned to shop at Target, Trader Joe’s, and an RV store. But after towing our rig through some city streets, Katie quickly lost interest in navigating more and so we stopped at a brewery (Great Basin Brewing Co.) for lunch, and skipped all the shopping.


Then we got back on the road, only to have our tire blow out! Seriously, not even two weeks on the road and we had a blow out! We are far from tire changing pros, but we did it! Not going to lie, Google helped us get that spare tire out from under our trailer!

Finally, we made it to our home for the next six days: Martis Creek Lake Campground in Truckee. We biked more than we have been, but only through the campground. One day we will find a compatible bike rack and lugging the bikes along on adventures will be easier.

Some fun shots of our campground fun:

We also explored some of the local activities and coffee shops. Katie is becoming quite the mocha connoisseur by checking out local coffee shops in every town we stop in. Katie also stumbled upon the weekly Farmer’s Market and was blown away. Not only do most vendors take credit cards (a wonderful surprise since Katie was not prepared with cash), but the selection was awesome too.  Oh, and the boys enjoyed Truckee River Regional Park, the Truckee Library, and KidZone Children’s Museum quite thoroughly. Here are some pictures of that fun:

We hit up one local brewery, Fiftyfifty Brewing, and enjoyed our meal and beers.

We also climbed a mountain! Well, really a pretty steep hill, but we hiked it (2.8 miles round trip)! There was a cave at the top and the views were absolutely stunning. The kids had a snack overlooking the beautiful view, then they explored bat poop and climbed on rocks. Doug and Katie both hit their heads, enjoyed the view, and may or may not have fallen on their bums climbing back down the mountain…

Check out this adventure and view:

Truckee is beautiful. We had driven down I-80 several times and neither of us had ever stopped in Truckee. This travel life is taking some getting used to, but it sure is wonderful to explore new areas as a family!

Oh, and a chipmunk chewed up Doug’s shoelace!!!


These are our running totals:

Days on the road: 19

Miles traveled: 607

Camp sites visited: 7

Breweries visited: 4

National Parks visited: 2

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