The First Week

If I had to pick one word to describe our first week living in our home on wheels, I’d have to pick intriguing. It wasn’t easy, we learned a lot, and we enjoyed ourselves (for the most part…).

So, we towed from Red Bluff to Burney CA (100 miles) without any issues. We even stopped at a Camping World and had our first real world turn around experience. We got a bit irritated with each other and the process, but we did it. When we arrived at Burney we stopped and filled up the gas tanks in the generator and The Beast (AKA our Armada). We also filled up our fresh water tank too. We even snapped a photo and sent it to Doug’s parents because we had to back in. 😂

We then went to find our home for the next few days. When we arrived, we had a little trouble getting into our parking spot, but again managed to figure it out. Then we turned on the water pump and it just wouldn’t work. It was like there was constant air in the lines or the tank was empty and just sputtered at us. We just filled the dang tank and it wouldn’t work. And it didn’t work our whole time there and we had to buy water jugs for drinking and bathing, since the campground was temporarily out of water too. We survived and again learned a ton.

Aside from our misadventures, Northshore Campground at Lake Britton is beautiful and our view was gorgeous! I mean look at this view from our dining table! Not to shabby for our first boondocking spot!

Here are some more shots of our time at the campground and of our trip to Burney Falls, which was a 10-15 minute drive away.

First of all, I knew my kids enjoy getting dirty, but this happened while we were still backing the trailer into our spot!


But the lake was amazing and this spot was a very short walk from our camp site.

Burney Falls is spectacular! Seriously, jaw dropping beautiful! It was totally worth both kids losing it on the short loop trail hike…

Come laundry day, Katie used the car’s navigator to find the laundromat and it failed her miserably. Not only is the photo below where it took her, but she snapped this photo sitting still in construction traffic, which made the detour last 45 minutes. 😂


Then onward we traveled to Lava Beds National Monument. Again towing went smoothly, with the exception of one missed turn that we had to then turn around on a road. 😂 We will get the hang of backing up, I’m sure of it…we were just lucky that not one car passed us while we figured it out.

As we were about an hour from our destination, Doug looked up the closest gas station to the camp ground. And guess what, we had already passed it! So we made another detour to get gas. Unfortunately, there was no where within an hour of where we were to fill up our water tank, so upon arriving at Indian Wells Campground, Katie had to drive 40 minutes into town to get some food, drinking water, and fill up The Beast again. And no joke, the closest gas station was in Oregon. Katie had to drive across the border to get gas.

But after that first day things went well. We explored caves, Rory became a Junior Ranger for this park, and we learned to ration water like pros. Plus we saw some deer, a ton of lizards and new to us bugs, and even a pack rat trail (it’s made of their poop so they can find their way out of the caves).

Here are some photos!

Coloring while we make breakfast.


Hiking around Lava Beds National Monument.


Rory moments after receiving his Junior Ranger badge!


We had a visitor!


Caving adventures!

Science experiments with dirt, water, and rocks.

Playing around and scaring each other. Katie snapped this to capture Mal’s face as he scared her and caught more than that!


And on our final night we saw this beautiful sunset from our couch!


As we headed out to our new destination, we stopped at Petroglyph Point and man it is so neat to see the rock carvings. Plus, the picturesque landscape made for a great shot of The Beast and our rig!


All in all, the kids are having a blast, but are still adjusting to this life. We are learning how to do this successfully and are mostly enjoying it thus far. Let’s hope we have better luck with our water from here on out! Conserving water is neat and all, but so is showering!

These are our running totals:

Miles traveled: 198

Camp sites visited: 2

Breweries visited: 0

National Parks visited: 1


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