The Renovation and Pre-Launch

As I sit at our first stop, without any wifi or cell data available, I figured I should put together a short post about our time renovating our trailer and invading Doug’s parents home. The kids are napping and the view is stunning!

We moved out of our house at the end of June and into Doug’s parents house. We lived there for 3 weeks and they were so helpful and wonderful! They not only let us stay there and fed us a ton, they also taught us how to tow and maintain a trailer. Without their help, our first travel day would have had many more snags. So thank you so much Tim and Joanne. You two are amazing and we appreciate you!

So…after all the rot and water damage was dealt with (see our post on that, here), We decided to spend some time making it feel more like a tiny home and less like a travel trailer.

Here are the before pictures…

Here are some photos of the work we have already done…

We still want to do a lot of little renovations, but it’s already so much more homey. And no, it doesn’t always look this clean.

We added high gloss paint to the walls to help with moisture, but also to cover up the ugly wall paper. We will be painting the cabinets and ceiling as well, but we didn’t have time to do it all yet.

We took out the original couch and dinette because they were uncomfortable and really heavy. Since we have a tow vehicle with a lower towing weight limit, we want to keep our trailer weight as low as possible. So we made a couch out of the existing frame and once we find the right pillows on our journey, it will be complete.

Our absolute favorite part of our new home is our new table! Katie had a vision: table height bar looking out through the giant front window. Doug’s dad has the skills and made this vision a reality. It truly is a beautiful table. We also used the existing legs and table mounts to install the table, upcycling for the win! Don’t you love it?!

We also removed the window valences and blinds, but that project is far from complete. We plan to use reflective insulation on the smaller windows. These will velcro into place and be easily removed and stored when we want the window light. On our large windows, we are on the hunt for perfect heat/cold blocking curtains.

These were just the cosmetic changes, while we travel we have plans for solar and other functional upgrades as well. We want to be as sustainable as we can be.

Now, we just need the water pump to pump our water and all will be well!

And just for fun, here are some photos of how we spent our time at Doug’s parents’ house.

The boys spent a lot of time visiting their Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Matt’s chickens. They loved collecting eggs and riding in the ATV over to their house.

The boys also loved helping Gigi make apple butter. Really, they just loved adding the apples to the machine.

They also got to drive the forklift. I couldn’t find my pictures of Rory driving it.

They also helped Gigi feed the birds and loved watching the birds eat from the feeders.

We checked out the Red Bluff farmer’s market and strolled through downtown.

We went fishing on a boat. Another favorite activity for both kiddos.

And they got to hold sparklers on the 4th!

Thanks again Tim and Joanne!!!

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