So It Begins!

So we made a decision to travel fulltime and live in a 24 foot travel trailer with the kiddos and pups. The plan was simple: buy a trailer, buy a tow vehicle, fix up the trailer if needed, sell the house, and *BAM* we would be debt free and travel to our heart’s content.

As the saying goes, the best laid plans…

As some of you know, our plan didn’t exactly work out as we had hoped. We got an awesome tow vehicle and bought a 2008 trailer from a private seller who was a master liar and apparently a pretty shady guy. Turns out the trailer had some pretty significant water damage and rot. There were wasp nests in the ceiling, the roof was a mess, and if that isn’t bad enough, the guy didn’t even clean the oven!

Long story short, we spent a pretty penny getting our new home liveable (thanks to Don at Don’s RV Repair in Cottonwood, CA — seriously an amazing guy who went above and beyond for us) and we are currently rushing to do some fairly minor renovations to help make it feel more like a home. More on that in the next blog post.

Oh, and our house did sell! So come August we will be debt free! Woot!

We leave July 22 for our first destination and can’t wait! Stay tuned for brief weekly (or so) reports and mostly photo summaries of our adventures!

Here are some shots of the water damage that was all hidden under floors and behind the walls. Don (the repair guy) snapped these so we could see what we were up against. I am so glad it was found! That mold would have made us so sick!

This is our bathroom. Ugh, so much water damage and rotted floor!

This is the ceiling above our kitchen! 😭

And this is the last rotted piece discovered. Can you believe the trailer had no noticable signs of damage? So lame!

We leave for our first week of fulltime travel in about 36 hours! 😬

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