Family in Wanderland

A place for all things roadschooling, nature adventuring, fulltime RV traveling, intentional living, peaceful parenting, and book reading.


In April 2019 our family decided (okay, my partner and I – the kids were not really involved much in the decision) to travel North America fulltime in an RV. By July, we’d sold it all and bought a travel trailer and a truck to tow it. We kept what we needed (really only what fit) and sold the rest.

I’m Katie, the main face behind the content you see on this website and our social media. I’m a roadschooling mom of two tiny humans who values nature, reading all the books, peaceful parenting, and raising anti-racist humans.

We hike a lot, explore the different cultures, green spaces, and food of the areas we travel, and we do it all from our 200sqft home.